You've stumbled into the temporary online home of Dan Burgess. I'm a designer and indie publisher based in Glasgow, Scotland who is passionate about combining the powers of storytelling and design. There will be a blog and all that jazz eventually but, until then, you can find me (@amperdan) on Twitter, Behance and Dribbble, or why not drop me an email and say hello?

Right now I am:
— working at Freight Design and Freight Books
— publishing Firewords, an indie literary magazine that combines short fiction and illustration
— writing weekly articles to help writers improve their craft and chances of publication
— in the early stages of venturing into boardgame design.

Note for the perceptive or confused: This site is all part of the consolidation of my online presence into one place, which also involved unifying all my social media profiles. Previously, I was @Mr_DanB on Twitter, @danburgess on Instagram, @danb on Dribbble and @dandesigns on Pinterest – confusing huh? Now I’m @amperdan everywhere (except Instagram for now, which is annoyingly saying the username is taken.)